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News from Isreal

Greetings from Jerusalem, the city of our Great King!

Sept. 7, 2002

We arrived in Jerusalem on Saturday, about 5 am. We had a difficult time getting here because Air France, the airline we had purchased our tickets from, went on strike while we were in Washington, and we had to fly to London, then Frankfurt, and then on to Tel Aviv. Everything regarding this land is tough in the natural, even getting here, but that only accentuates the spiritual when the situation is looked at through spiritual eyes. We were blessed on the last leg of our flight as three black ladies from London were sitting in the row behind us, singing and harmonizing gospel songs almost the entire flight. Because we were so tired we would fall asleep and wake up to the glorious sounds. We were reminded of Ps 68:32-35 Sing to God, O kingdoms of the earth, sing praise to the Lord, to him who rides the ancient skies above, who thunders with mighty voice. Proclaim the power of God, whose majesty is over Israel, whose power is in the skies. You are awesome, O God, in your sanctuary; the God of Israel gives power and strength to his people. We got to Jerusalem on Rosh Hashanah, the beginning of the Jewish New Year. Everything was shut down. Fortunately, our landlady had given Danny the key to our apt. and we were able to unpack, take a nap, clean up, and give thanks to the Lord for bringing us here at such a time as this. In a way, it is a new beginning for us also.

That night we went to the second evening of meetings of Tom Hess The All Nations House of Prayer Convocation. Danny and his internship group were already there. There were about 750 people from over 200 nations, but the highlight of the night was the fact that it was The Joshua Generation Youth Gathering. The emphasis was on the One New Man in relation to the youth. There were at least 120 Arab Christian kids and 120 Messianic kids. A lot of personal testimony was shared of how the kids have overcome hatred of their enemies. That is very powerful when you consider that both the Arab and Jewish kids have endured much mockery and even gotten beaten up for their testimony of Jesus. Several of the testimonies explained how they had close friends killed, one right in front of her and yet they are trusting Jesus, and by faith, loving the ones that committed the crimes. We ran into many people that we knew, including Don Finto. He will be one of the speakers on Sunday night. There is such a spirit of joy among the believers, but even they are concerned with what will happen when the situation with Iraq and Syria escalates. Keep praying for the peace of Jerusalem! Ps 122:6-9 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: "May those who love you be secure. May there be peace within your walls and security within your citadels." For the sake of my brothers and friends, I will say, "Peace be within you." For the sake of the house of the LORD our God, I will seek your prosperity.

Sept. 9, 2002

Mack began the morning at 5:00 AM at the Western Wall interceding for the Orthodox Jews who pray continually at the wall. Because it was one of the high Holy days there were many more praying and it gets really loud, for they believe G-d does not hear you unless one prays out loud. Leaving the wall just before sunrise allowed Mack to touch the hem of Jesus garment within the glorious sunrise experienced on the roof of the Upper Room. The Lord has guided Mack back to the roof rather than the secluded place on the slopes of Mt. Zion for early Morning Prayer watches because it is somewhat more safe. Somewhat is the watchword, as you are always aware of the presence of soldiers and police. Their presence is more apparent than in the past. It seems people just live with the fact that violence can strike at any moment. See our later note about our dear friend Dvora.

At nine oclock, we joined the worship watch that Succot Hallel (Tent of Praise) organizes. This is the name of the ministry led by Rick & Patty Riddings. Its a two hour worship watch, solely worship to the Lord; no preaching, but sharing of scriptures and a few words of prophecy as appropriate with the flow of the Spirit. The intent of the Succot Hallel Minstry is 24/7 worship watches on Mt. Zion in the spirit of Davids Tabernacle. Currently there are the 2 hour watches on mornings of Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. On Thursday night there is a 2 hour watch at Christ Church open to anyone. That becomes an all night prayer watch for a more selected group of the leaders. There are also worship watches on Tuesday and Saturday for the youth. The quality of worship is excellent and its like fresh cool water poured out in this dry thirsty land.

The Convocation is focusing on the 12 Gates of the Old City. Ps 24:9-10
Lift up your heads, O you gates; lift them up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in. Who is he, this King of glory? The LORD Almighty-- he is the King of glory. The meeting started yesterday by featuring speakers from countries that fall within the pie shape angle that spreads out from each of the 12 gates. The first gate was the Jaffa Gate, wherein lies the U.S. Don Finto delivered a powerful word that fully confirmed much of our thinking in regards to worldwide revival being held up until the church embraces her Jewish roots and allows the Messianic Jews to take their rightful place within the Body. Jane Hansen spoke about women catching the vision of what God is doing with Israel and the Church in these last days. The primary point was for all of us to pray, participate, and persevere.

September 10th

We were invited to join a small group who pray each Monday on Mount Zion. The leader had known of Macks burden for Mt. Zion and when we saw her at the Convocation she immediately invited us to join them. The amazing thing about this prayer meeting is that it meets in a German Catholic seminary building and we have subsequently met the nun in charge of all the German Catholic properties on Mt. Zion. This was an answer to a prayer of Macks as the three factions on Mt. Zion are the Orthodox (whom we know from all our past efforts), the German Catholics, and the Greek Orthodox.

Today, some of us gathered at the Zion Gate to pray, with Rick Riding leading. The nations represented in the Zion Gate are from Africa mostly. What powerful intercessors! Danny (now Daniel, as they call him here) was there with his group helping to lead worship. The interns received mighty prophecies about being the Joshua Generation. God is doing incredible things! It is so wonderful to see the young people with hearts of fire!

Mack was greatly encouraged as a man from Kenya shared with the group how he was invited by the Lord to come to Jerusalem. He had gone to a mountain in Kenya for three days of prayer and fasting, on the second day the Lord took him in the scriptures to Amos 9:11 about restoring the Tabernacle of David, and then to verses 12 & 13 and showed him how the restoration of Davids Tabernacle is tied to world wide revival. Only in God, the same thing Mack shared at Jubilee the Wednesday before we left, the Lord was revealing on a mountain in Kenya. The man had no money, but someone gave him all he needed and this day he was with us worshipping on Mt. Zion, Praise God! All in all we were blessed in every way, seeing that God has sovereignly planted the vision of His plan for Israel and the Church even in the most remote African countries! It does not come from mans teaching, but through the Holy Spirit giving revelation! Some of these people have had to stand alone within their churches and bible colleges, because, as in the U.S., there is not a full outpouring of revelation yet. But watch out when it does become full blown! The church will enter into a time of its fullest blessing and even life from the dead! Rom 11:15-16 For if their (the Jews) rejection of the gospel) is the reconciliation of the world, what will their acceptance (of the gospel) be but life from the dead?

September 11th

This day seemed to pass by with little terrorist activity. Praise the Lord! Much prayer has ascended to the throne on behalf of the U.S. and Israel for Gods mercy and protection.

At the conference, South Africa, the Congo, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Kenya were the featured countries with speakers from each one of them! Oh, the fire! It is amazing to think about because these countries are mostly Muslim nations, but God is moving by his Spirit, and will not be restrained by the enemy!

We received some very sad news today. Our dear friend Dvora, whom we have mentioned frequently, was murderously attacked in her apt. last week. She is the one who is the director for the Intl. Fellowship of Christians and Jews here in Jerusalem. It is suspected that the perpetrator was an ultra-Orthodox. They highly resent the fact that this Jewish organization is receiving money from Christians to disperse to needy Jewish people. Dvora was in the hospital for a week, with stab wounds. Please pray for her complete healing: body, soul and emotions. She is a forerunner of reconciliation between Jews and Christians. Interestingly, she also receives much rejection from the Christian community, because she is a secular Jew. Pray that she will receive a revelation of Jesus. Mack has shared at length with her about Jesus and the purposes God has for the Jewish people. She is open to discuss all issues, is a friend of Benny Hinn, attended his meeting, even received prayer, but to date has not been able to believe.

We are finally getting over our jet lag. Usually we dont experience it too badly, but the lengthy travel time seemed to magnify it this time. Of course, we were pretty exhausted when we got on the plane, from moving our stuff to Arizona. We havent mentioned it, but the Lord provided us with a couple, John and Jennifer, that had such a burden to help us there. They went beyond anything that even a good friend would do! They are Spirit filled Christians in their 20s, who live across the street from the house in Yuma. What a blessing to us! I think we would have been there a few more days if they had not stepped in to help! And in 110 degree heat, a few days is a long time!
Phil 4:19-20 And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus. To our God and Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen.

Well, enough for now. We think of you all so often and have put prayer requests in the Wall for some of you already. Let us know if you have needs you want us to bring before the Father and His Son, who is always standing before the Father to make intercession for us. We appreciate so much your love, prayer and financial support. We are continually discovering that the Father keeps track of even the smallest good deed!
2 Chron 16:9 For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.

Shalom in Yeshua,

Mack & Cathy McCoy

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